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Stela Express, Inc. 1st time attendee at the Annual ATA Meeting!

It was an amazing and educating experience for Stela Express, Inc. company representatives to attend the annual American Trucking Association event which draw a record amount of attendees. The event was ran Oct. 1 to 4 in Las Vegas. ATA president Chris Spear sheared the new vision for the association and for trucking with a new team on board. At general educational sessions members engaged on a number of issues of safety, trade, market and political updates and emerging automated vehicle technology. ATA's chief economist Diane Swonk gave an excellent speech about the current economics and platooning vehicle technologies. More than 150 companies displayed products. Today's market has so much to offer and educate about the newest technology, greatest software programs especially designed for the trucking industry, all new safety improvements to any size fleet to help trucking to serve better. It was interesting to learn how "we are reaching a tipping point, and that tipping point will be the end of the decade, where, suddenly, the application of electric driven vehicles will star to kick in, " Wolfgang Bernhard, head of Daimler AG's global commercial unit, said. There were a lot of concept vehicles, trucks and vans presented to the U.S markets and we can expect the sales growing fast. Also the drone technology is evolving so rapidly that such big companies as UPS Inc., Fedex Corp. and could be using hen in the next 5 years. It 's great for hard-to-reach locations. Though this technology would enhance its service but will not replace the commercial fleet or drivers. ATA Exhibit hall was full of attendees to explore the newest trends in trucking. And so many excellent presentations delivered to the crow to educate about the desired topics such as E-logs, updates from FMCSA, contracts, technology and maintenance and many more... It was an invaluable experience to see whee the trucking industry is heading in the future and to be a part of it! Stela Express, Inc. brought a lot of fresh ideas home to improve it's own business! So grateful for such an insight!

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