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Stela Express, Inc is proud to join ITA this year!

Stela Express, Inc. is very excited to join Illinois Trucking Association this year! It is a great organization which is promoting safe and cost effective transportation system. Also provides training for trucking companies like us, excellence in education, new updates in trucking world and is committed to articulate the concerns of the trucking industry to the government so our voice could be heard too!

Stela Express, Inc cares about trucking industry and people in it. Trucking moves 70 percent of the nation's freight and trucking employs 279,000 people in Illinois. Trucking makes everything possible, from people having food to all the goods received in our stores. We are proud to do trucking and always looking for ways to improve!

Stela Express, Inc. also attended the annual ITA meeting! It was a great event for useful information and networking!

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